Find Your Lost Artist Mini-Course

Surrender your limiting beliefs and past experience with art to let your curiosity open the door, break down that wall of self-protection you built, and get the freedom your soul seeks.

You’ll reconnect with yourself and find your lost artist.

Benefits of Doodling


Align Your Body, Mind, And Spirit

Doodling is an emotional outlet that helps you connect with your emotions and is one of the highest forms of self-care.


Find Your Inspiration

Doodling is stepping into a sacred space where you take stock of your beliefs, motives, and feelings and gain clarity and direction, freeing you from defeat and frustration and becoming liberated to thrive, not strive.


Doodling Makes Connecting With the Inner Artist Easy

Doodling will help you find your lost artist when feeling disconnected. You’ll discover your path and voice and have a sustainable practice that you can use repeatedly.


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